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Remodeling and Refurbishment Ideas for Your Basement

03 March 2011

Remodeling and Refurbishment Ideas for Your Basement

Interior decorating and remodeling within the home can offer the homeowner an opportunity to create extra space whilst additionally enhancing the home in general. For those that have a basement area within the home, this may represent a great option which can be spruced up for an extra living space that can be used as an entertainment area, a homework room for the kids or even a little sanctuary to escape to after a hard day's work.

When it comes to remodeling or refurbishment one has the option of adding value to the home, of which can add to the resale value of the home when looking to sell. However having said that bear in mind that tastes differ and the various décor options should be kept within a more neutral approach if one is looking to renovate or improve the home from a reselling perspective alone. Within the case of remodeling solely for the benefit of the existing homeowner then a little more 'artistic freedom' may be in order.

With reference to the refurbishment or conversion of a basement area, there are a few pointers that may add value to this process of converting a basement into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for use by the whole family, of which include insulation, lighting and accessories.

A basement is often seen as an unfinished area with respect to flooring and walling, and which can be addressed relatively easily, with the application of finishing off insulation, carpeting or flooring and painting. The extent to which one wishes to refurbish would naturally be determined by the budget and intended use of the basement area, and whether a full insulation and heating of the area will be done will enable the homeowner to use this area year round, alternatively the basic sealing and insulation can provide a suitable area to use as a type of winter garden, something of which can double up as a cooler area in the heat of summer.

The basement setting is normally quite dark in terms of lighting, obviously due to the lack of larger windows and often times due to the fact that the walls can be unfinished with respect to a suitable coating of paint. Therefore the addition of some lighting fixtures or enhancement of any windows with clear glass can ensure a lighter area, multiple light fixtures and additional bulbs will be able to address any lack of lighting here, and one can incorporate the energy efficient lighting too. In order to maximize the lighting within the room, the use of a lighter paint can work wonders with adding more reflective light, not to mention the fact that paint can be used to totally transform the setting itself.

Obviously depending on the layout and so called structure of the basement itself this may well determine the actual space available for refurbishment or sprucing up, but it is certainly well worth considering in terms of remodeling this area to get quite a substantial amount of additional space in the home within a relatively cost effective option.

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