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Our team of plumbers for emergency call out in glasgow and lanarkshire has just grown in size with the addition of 3 new emergency response plumbers who will be covering glasgow and lanarkshire for any type of plumbing call out like burst pipes, leaks, boiler breakdowns & boiler installations

Perfect time with winter now here for the next few months

If you need our help feel free to call us 24 hours on 0141 447 0141

Home Extensions Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/home-extensions-glasgow.aspxTue, 09 Aug 2011 20:49:21 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/home-extensions-glasgow.aspxHome Renovation and Extension Quotations

Although the home owner is often times pressed for cash flow when it comes to planned home improvements, whether it be additions or improvements to the home, this should not necessarily dictate which home renovation quotation the homeowner should accept or approve. Ensuring that reliability and quality are part of the package when looking to do home improvements is perhaps even more important than the price in the quotation.

There is a wide range of factors that come into play when looking to contract a suitable building or construction company when it comes to any home improvement project, and of course price is certainly an important factor within the equation, this should not be the one and only deciding factor to be taken into account.

One of the best indications of the level of commitment and professionalism of a contractor is their personal involvement within any project from the quotation phase right through to completion. Of course there is no way in knowing that this will be the case, however when asking for some quotes it is highly unlikely that a contractor will be able to provide this over the phone without inspecting the site and intended work that needs to be done. This additionally allows for the contractor to get a real look and feel of the environment as well as any possible obstacles that may exist for their teams of tradesmen when it comes to executing the planned home improvements.

So where does one start in the process of getting the right contractors for any home improvements that you may be planning? Word of mouth and online searches provide a great start in compiling a list and then the process of contacting each and everyone will allow you to start short listing a few candidates. Often times even contacting the prospective suppler on the telephone will provide an indication of their level of service and professionalism, which in turn will provide the basis of making a decision of whether or not the company will be able to meet your needs as a contractor.

Getting the quotations moving forward requires contact with the respective contractors, another step that will be able the home owner to gauge the level of expertise of the potential supplier in this case. Use this time to discuss any questions you may have, including the issues of the quality of materials, guarantees on materials, workmanship and related items such as insurance where applicable. All of these factors are extremely important in selecting the right contractor and ultimately the right quote for your home improvements, renovations or refurbishment.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen provide an extensive range of home improvement and renovation services, and whilst providing competitive quotes in the greater central Scotland region there is absolutely no compromise on quality whatsoever. For reliable builders in Glasgow, including the ancillary services of plumbers, joiners, glaziers and more, contact Lanarkshire Tradesmen today.

Tilers Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/tilers-glasgow.aspxTue, 07 Jun 2011 15:08:47 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/tilers-glasgow.aspxThe Importance of Grouting When Tiling

Grouting and tiling should go hand in hand, however often times it almost appears that this part of the process as a whole was conducted either inadequately or in a rush to get the tiling job done. This often comes about due to the tiler being either of insufficient quality or lacking in experience in terms of this essential function, making the need for ensuring the selection of a reliable tiler or company to attend to these tasks.

Lanarkshire Trademsen provides expert tilers in Glasgow, and across the greater Lanarkshire region, allowing for a superb finish in all tiling and related home improvement projects.

Here are a few tips that can ensure the grouting process will achieve the desired end result, especially when looking to perform this activity yourself, or even when working together with your chosen contractors that may be doing this for you.

Clean Joints

Clean joints between the tiles is an absolute must when looking to finish off the tiling project in a professional and well executed manner. It is important that all protruding grout is scraped off, and swept away; even better is the use of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the additional hard to reach dust and pieces that have been scraped out.

Grout Mix

The mixing of the grout is an essential part of the whole process when looking to ensure that a consistent grout mixture is achieved for the grouting to be done. Although many use machinery and mixers to mix the grout, some experts actually recommend starting the process off by hand to ensure that the mixture is completely powder free. Another tip that one can consider when mixing the grout to the right consistency is to aim for a peanut butter consistency, which implies that the grout is in fact quite thick from this perspective. It is also recommended to allow the grout to slake, which means taking a short break - this may prevent the materials from being prone to cracks once utilised within the tiling area.


The application of the grout should be done with an attention to detail, and by applying the grout diagonally across the joints one will ensure that all joints are filled, and the grout is not sucked back out when applying in and around the tiled joints. Any excessive amounts should be removed, prior to the cleaning up phase which follows.

Cleaning Up

The process of cleaning up requires that one uses a damp sponge to remove as much grout from the tile surface as possible, the sponge should definitely not be wet but moist enough to lift the drying grout off of the tile surface. This process normally occurs within about one half hour, or as the grout has started

Kitchen Makeovers Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/kitchen-makeovers-glasgow.aspxFri, 20 May 2011 10:49:29 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/kitchen-makeovers-glasgow.aspxKitchen Makeovers

When it comes to kitchens in the home, many people will want a functional area that is often times a central focal point from both a family and visiting friends within the home or residential setting. The functionality of the kitchen itself can be enhanced by incorporating various fittings or décor applications to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The kitchen can often been seen as the centre of the home, where families and friends will often come together for dining or socializing. To this end one will arguably want to make the setting as functional as possible to accommodate this as an entertainment area for guests, or for dining in the kitchen itself. In considering sprucing up the setting from both the functional and aesthetic perspectives one can do so from a DIY basis or even utilise contractors to attend to some basic changes to ensure that these upgrades are achieved professionally, and here are some ideas that can be implemented within the kitchen.

Additional Storage

The kitchen is often times the home for a wide variety of household implements and items, including cutlery and crockery, pots and pans and various other gadgets that one may use when preparing meals for family and friends. The increase of storage within the kitchen can be achieved with built in cupboards, and even a corner unit which can serve as a mini walk in pantry. Options here include the use of premade cupboards, however for a more expert finish and fitting the joiner or carpentry professional is often the best choice for installation.

Cabinet Painting or Refacing

The use of a fresh coat of paint on existing cupboards offers an ideal, and cost effective option for giving the kitchen a makeover, and with the right selection of paint and colour can certainly add a whole new lease of life on the kitchen cupboards and the kitchen itself. There are some issues that need to be taken into account in terms of whether or not the desired effect will be achieved with specific relevance to the surfacing of the cabinetry in your kitchen.

Refacing kitchen cupboards or cabinets are ideal for the limited budget and applies specifically for those cupboards that can have veneer applied to the surface. Alternatively the option of stripping down the cupboards, sanding and painting remains available to the home owner.

Under cabinet lighting

The use of under cabinet lighting adds a great deal of light to dark kitchen and of course not to mention the great look and aesthetic finish in a décor perspective. This option further provides a great amount of functionality in lighting up work areas, and in turn lighting up the kitchen and the contents of the cabinets with inset glass options.

There are a wide variety of options that one can consider when looking to redo the kitchen, which ranges from a significant investment in terms of budget requirements to that of really affordable options whether one does it themselves or utilizes professional contractors for their kitchens in Glasgow and the greater Lanarkshire region. Lanarkshire Tradesmen provides a number of options for kitchens, please contact us for more details.

Bathroom And Tiles Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/bathroom-and-tiles-glasgow.aspxMon, 09 May 2011 11:16:12 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/bathroom-and-tiles-glasgow.aspxA Look At Bathrooms and Tiles

The tiling of a bathroom is arguably one of the best ways to decorate the bathroom that will also add functionality to the bathroom itself. This largely applies to the fact that it is a lot easier to keep clean and hygienic as compared to many other surfacing options. However unless one is an expert tiler, the issue of aesthetics may well be impacted upon by inadequate application and issues such as grouting where required, not to mention the proper alignment of the tiles and accessories within the bathroom itself.

When considering the options of tiles as a finish for bathroom surfaces, a number of options can be considered of which will likely be determined by the homeowner's preference from a décor perspective. In having said that if one is refurbishing the home from a reselling perspective then a broader appeal in terms of specific tiles, finishes and aesthetics should be considered in order to maximize the sale.

Tiles can offer the home owner the opportunity of transforming a bathroom or shower completely, this can be done with different colours and textures and will breathe new life into one of the most popular spaces in the home. Of course there are many options available too, and few of these are provided below:

Create Some Depth

Often times the tiled surface is somewhat stark, to say the least, this can be countered with the creation of depth on the tiled surface which is done by mixing and matching colours, finishes or even materials on the wall itself. Complimentary colours can be used to create a suitable finish that can lighten up the room and provide a tasteful finish.

The Plain White Option

Many folks prefer a white finish to their bathroom, this type of tiling option can be considered and can be likened to what is referred to as subway tiles - whereby the entire walling surface is tiled with white tiles, similar to the subway tiling used in the States. The use of grey grouting provides for a contrasting effect on the tile and takes away from the clinical aspect of a pure white setting.


Although the mosaic option has been around for many, many years it is often overlooked as an excellent option for the bathroom and other tiled surfaces. The use of mosaics offers a wide range of options when it comes to adding various aspects in terms of the overall décor of a room, and of course this extends beyond the bathroom to practically any area of the home.

Of course there are a wide variety of options that go beyond these options, and in order to maximize both functionality and aesthetic finish one should consult with and utilise the services of professional tilers in Glasgow within the selection and application of any tiling in the home.

Roofers In Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/roofers-in-glasgow.aspxThu, 31 Mar 2011 10:14:25 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/roofers-in-glasgow.aspxGet the Right Roofer

Choosing a roofer is essential to ensure that your roofing project is completed according to the desired specifications, including both aesthetics and functionality. Whether the project in question is for a new roof installation, the repair of a roofing structure or an overhaul of an existing roof, the quality of both workmanship and materials is of the utmost importance in ensuring the successful completion of this type of project.

There are a number of different styles, finishes and materials that can be supplied by a professional roofer, however each has its own merits and at times possible disadvantages, especially when the workmanship is not of the highest standard. Issues such as guttering, flashings and sealing of the roof need to be properly complete in order to provide the very basic protection element of the roof itself. A suitably qualified roofer will be able to attend to these matters in a professional, efficient and cost effective way to ensure that this is in fact in place and that no leaks will occur in the rain or typically wet climates.

The selection of a roofer for your roofing project should be able to provide references and examples of their previous work to provide that peace of mind in knowing that one is dealing with a quality oriented roofer, and any references provided should be followed up if and where possible. The costing of a roofing project is relatively high, and by ensuring that one has selected the right roofer by gauging experience, level of professional and abilities will ensure that one's investment is actually in the best hands for the upcoming project.

A professional roofer will be in a position to offer guidance and advice with respect to the style and materials required for the project in question. Although one may not be expected to have all the knowledge in the world when it comes to such an installation, using a customer focused roofer can ensure that one is involved within the project and can therefore monitor the progress of such a project from a more informed perspective. Hence a little research prior to even discussing a project with the selected roofer will enable you to at the very least understand some of the related terminology and processes that are part of a comprehensive roof installation or repair.

Additionally as technology advances, with respect to roofing materials, one has the option of ensuring that energy efficiency is part and parcel of the work being done by the selected roofer, and although at times some of these materials may be a little more costly, the savings to be realized in time will ensure that it is well worth it. Of course not to mention the fact that one will be contributing to the environment too.

Materials and processes that a roofer can provide are quite diverse, specifically considering the various roof types and structures, however one should openly discuss this with the selected roofer to ensure that aesthetics, functionality and price will all be addressed throughout the project.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen provides guarantees for all work and materials provided as a roofer in Glasgow, also serving the greater Lanarkshire region.

Home Renovations and Remodellinghttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/home-renovations-and-remodelling.aspxTue, 22 Mar 2011 13:47:12 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/home-renovations-and-remodelling.aspxHome Renovations and Remodeling

Spring and summer time often mark the start of a variety of projects in and around the home, and specifically relating to renovations and remodeling. Of course there are arguably hundreds of routes or options that one can consider when it comes to home renovations or remodeling, some of which may be purely based upon functionality, whilst others on aesthetic appeal. Getting the home renovations aspect right is really about the combination of the two.

The motivation for one considering home renovations is often times held within either the need or desire of getting a home to suit an individual's or family's needs in terms of their living space, however there is also a danger of over capitalizing upon one's investment within this focus area. What is meant here is that someone may purchase a home in a mid sort of price range, and then invest a whole lot of money within home renovations and when it comes time to move on, for whatever reason, the homeowner is often surprised that the value of the home in question is not what they might have been hoping for. There is where it becomes important to realize that the investment within any home, or office building for that matter should be kept in line with the area that it is geographically situated. This can however be viewed from another perspective too, in that folks may very well place a value upon their home in terms of the enjoyment that they wish to realize within that home, and any improvements or home renovations may not necessarily be motivated by a resale perspective or view.

Whichever motivation one may have for home renovations in general, there are a few options that exist, and which have become extremely popular due to the increased technologies that have been made available and which contribute to issues of energy efficiency, whilst retaining the aesthetic appeal too. Of specific reference here are the likes of replacement windows, such as double glazed and vinyl windows which offer a much more solid option with regards to the window itself, and of course greater heat retention within the home or office. This in turn contributes significantly to a reduction of energy and utilities bills due to less of the heat escaping the premises in questions, and thereby will in turn pay for themselves over time. These functional and aesthetically pleasing items can be fitted with relative ease within a home or office building, provided of course one is dealing with an expert team of glaziers or glazing company within such a home renovations project, and will go onto provide many years of functional and aesthetic use in these environments.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen provides expert services within the selection of double glazing, or other types of replacement windows for the home renovations process, and have expert teams across the greater Lanarkshire region to ensure that all home renovations, glazing or window replacement projects are attended to on a professional and guaranteed basis.

Insurance Bedroom Ceiling Repairhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/insurance-bedroom-ceiling-repair.aspxSat, 12 Mar 2011 07:56:52 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/insurance-bedroom-ceiling-repair.aspxPlease see below a recent testimonial


When our son's bedroom ceiling caved in after a burst pipe in December it seemed like we would never be able to repair the damage that spread into other bedrooms and the kitchen below.However, once we discovered stuart and his team we never looked back. They took care of absolutely everything from dealing with the insurance company to bringing paint charts and carpet samples. They almost seemed to good to be true. Where was the catch? There was none. Their work was swift, professional, clean and efficient. The tradesmen were punctual and thorough and made sure every last item was back where it belonged.
An excellent job and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Thank you.

B & R Macaloney

Plasteringhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/plastering.aspxMon, 07 Mar 2011 18:03:00 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/plastering.aspxThe fact that plastering has been utilized within the functionality and aesthetics of homes and buildings for thousands of years has facilitated the specialist approach required of this professional trade activity across the world. Plastering experts are often times best when it comes to preserving older buildings that have historical applications of plaster as well as for those that wish to incorporate decorative plastering and moldings in modern buildings.

When it comes to specifics regarding the requirement of plaster preservation from a historical perspective, there is arguably no single cause of degradation that can be used within the analysis of the building in question, but rather a more in depth approach is required in terms of analyzing what may be causing any problems specific to the building in question. Although older buildings situated closer to roads, and even railways may be affected by the increase in traffic which adds to an increased amount of vibrations which can in fact affect the plastering of a home or office building.

One has to bear in mind that plastering has evolved as compared to older applications and techniques, and to this end one has to approach any restoration project with this in mind. In order to restore the specific plastering and historical perspective then specific steps and materials need to be incorporated within such a project to ensure that the look and feel remains intact as well as the functionality of the plastering itself is maintained. One will additionally want to ensure that any restoration work done on such historical aspects is of sufficient quality to ensure that no further restoration will be required for many years to come.

Based upon the traditional designs and aspects of some of the plastering techniques of old, the restoration process may require specific knowledge of medallions that are normally contained within ceilings and which was somewhat typical of yesteryear within the design and finish of the interior of older buildings. The medallions are often times also applied within a specific technique of the period that such interior finishes were the fashion, and therefore a qualified and knowledgeable process should be taken when restoring these classic plastering designs, or even refinishing them with more modern techniques, materials and processes here.

Cornices are typically part and parcel of the restoration process, and more so when one is doing some additions or renovations to the building in question. Specific attention to detail is required to ensure that any plaster work done here matches the original design and look to ensure a successful and seamless approach within the refurbishment of the setting. Something of which can really only be accomplished with an experienced and qualified plasterer who has the knowledge of these old practices, as well as being able to incorporate the latest techniques within such a restoration or refurbishment.

Our plasterers in Glasgow, who serve the greater Lanarkshire region have specific experience within the restoration or repair of any plasterwork, as well as within the design and interior décor aspect of plastering within the home, office and commercial setting. All work, materials and service is guaranteed by Lanarkshire Tradesmen.

Remodeling and Refurbishment Ideas for Your Basementhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/remodeling-and-refurbishment-ideas-for-your-basement.aspxTue, 01 Mar 2011 22:02:02 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/remodeling-and-refurbishment-ideas-for-your-basement.aspxRemodeling and Refurbishment Ideas for Your Basement

Interior decorating and remodeling within the home can offer the homeowner an opportunity to create extra space whilst additionally enhancing the home in general. For those that have a basement area within the home, this may represent a great option which can be spruced up for an extra living space that can be used as an entertainment area, a homework room for the kids or even a little sanctuary to escape to after a hard day's work.

When it comes to remodeling or refurbishment one has the option of adding value to the home, of which can add to the resale value of the home when looking to sell. However having said that bear in mind that tastes differ and the various décor options should be kept within a more neutral approach if one is looking to renovate or improve the home from a reselling perspective alone. Within the case of remodeling solely for the benefit of the existing homeowner then a little more 'artistic freedom' may be in order.

With reference to the refurbishment or conversion of a basement area, there are a few pointers that may add value to this process of converting a basement into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for use by the whole family, of which include insulation, lighting and accessories.

A basement is often seen as an unfinished area with respect to flooring and walling, and which can be addressed relatively easily, with the application of finishing off insulation, carpeting or flooring and painting. The extent to which one wishes to refurbish would naturally be determined by the budget and intended use of the basement area, and whether a full insulation and heating of the area will be done will enable the homeowner to use this area year round, alternatively the basic sealing and insulation can provide a suitable area to use as a type of winter garden, something of which can double up as a cooler area in the heat of summer.

The basement setting is normally quite dark in terms of lighting, obviously due to the lack of larger windows and often times due to the fact that the walls can be unfinished with respect to a suitable coating of paint. Therefore the addition of some lighting fixtures or enhancement of any windows with clear glass can ensure a lighter area, multiple light fixtures and additional bulbs will be able to address any lack of lighting here, and one can incorporate the energy efficient lighting too. In order to maximize the lighting within the room, the use of a lighter paint can work wonders with adding more reflective light, not to mention the fact that paint can be used to totally transform the setting itself.

Obviously depending on the layout and so called structure of the basement itself this may well determine the actual space available for refurbishment or sprucing up, but it is certainly well worth considering in terms of remodeling this area to get quite a substantial amount of additional space in the home within a relatively cost effective option.

Choosing the Correct Contractor in Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/choosing-the-correct-contractor-in-glasgow.aspxMon, 21 Feb 2011 15:19:08 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/choosing-the-correct-contractor-in-glasgow.aspxFinding and Selecting a General Contractor in Glasgow

Choosing a general contractor in Glasgow will naturally vary from one person to the next due to the various projects, needs and requirements that each home or building owner may have. However there are some broader guidelines that you might want to keep in mind when choosing a general contractor in Glasgow and that will fit your requirements and be able to address your specifications within the project in question.

There are three main points that one should considering in choosing a general contractor in Glasgow that serve as a starting point or within the short listing of potential candidates that can be considered for your upcoming project, and which include:

  • Insured - the company offers protection against incidents, damages and so forth. Also referred to as contractors insurance or employers insurance, another type of insurance that contractors may well offer is also referred to as Decennial liability, which covers expenses in case of a building collapsing for up to ten years after construction. Although this type of insurance is more centered on the contractor it can contribute to a higher building or construction cost for the project. Additionally it is only required in certain countries and may not necessarily be required within your area, country or region.
  • Credentials - if required within the specific region some contractors may well be required to have a license or be registered with a specific controlling or regulatory body governing the building or contractor trades in question.
  • Reviews, Testimonials, or Industry name - one of the most reliable ways of choosing a general contractor in Glasgow can be via the references or testimonials provided by previous or even existing companies. The fact that a contractor will provide these to you is also an indication of their commitment to quality as well as their reputation.

Of course these are just guidelines in terms of choosing a general contractor in Glasgow, but do serve as a starting point within the process. Additionally just asking about whether or not specific measures and requirements are in place is one thing, but one has to actually check the validity of the claims and references provided by the general contractor in Glasgow in order to ensure that they selected company or individual is capable of providing the required service and level of quality that you may be after.

All too often are these basic steps left out within choosing a general contractor in Glasgow and the issue of price is used as the deciding factor within the selection process, which can be one of the biggest mistakes made by the individual concerned. However one really needs to be careful when selecting on price alone, as this is certainly not the be all and end all of any construction, renovation or refurbishment of the home, office or business premises. After all one will want to ensure quality at all times as this does literally represent an investment within the home or office building.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen provides a complete and comprehensive service within the provision of specialised trade professionals as well as general contractors in Glasgow, with all workmanship, service and quality guaranteed for peace of mind and the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Tips Regarding Home Renovations and Property Listingshttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/tips-regarding-home-renovations-and-property-listings.aspxThu, 17 Feb 2011 17:14:41 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/tips-regarding-home-renovations-and-property-listings.aspxMany folks believe that conducting some home renovations or extensions prior to putting their property on the market will in fact add to the home's value, and this may well be the case there are a few considerations that require attention before rushing in with a demo team.

One the first mistakes that people do make when it comes to planning and implementing any renovations, both for their own benefit as well as within a pre-listing effort to potentially increase the value of the home is that of implementing fixtures, designs and finishes that are specific to their own tastes. Again this may not be a bad choice, however one has to consider the potential buyers tastes and preferences when it comes to specific designs, built in items, decorating and painting regardless of which are of the home is being renovated or redone. To this end the homeowner should rather select a more neutral approach within the selection colours, designs and décor that will form part of the sale of the home or house in question, rather consider concepts that will appeal to a wider variety or majority of potential buyers as compared to limiting yourself to a niche or select few.

When it comes to the actual decision of what is going to be done where within the home renovation project, one should also not over capitalize on this option. Basically if one lives in a mid-price ranged neighbourhood or suburb then the investment within the home should remain within this price level, unfortunately some folks spend a fortune on their homes within a medium range price bracket, just to be disappointed when it comes to what the market will actually be prepared to pay for the property.

The selection of a building contractor or suppliers with respect to any planned home renovations is literally an issue unto itself. There are normally a wide range of service providers claiming adequate expertise, promising the world and who knows what else when it comes to home renovations. Here one has to select a reputable, established and reliable provider that is qualified, and capable of delivering the goods, so to speak. In case of a required deadline, so that one may list the property being renovated, then the supplier or building contractor has to be aware of this and of course agreeable to the fact. The building contractor should furthermore be able to provide unbiased and professional advice with respect to your desired home renovation issues, the materials requires, as well as the legal aspects required in terms of obtaining permission, permits and so forth. In the event that the contractor or contracting firm can provide a complete one stop resource for all requirements, then all the better as this will alleviate the necessity to deal with a wide variety of suppliers or companies within the home renovations process.

Water Damage Insurance Repair Holytownhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/water-damage-insurance-repair-holytown.aspxThu, 17 Feb 2011 15:52:49 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/water-damage-insurance-repair-holytown.aspxOur Recent Testimonial,

I'd just like to thank the Lanarkshire Tradesmen team for doing an excellent job during repairs to our property after water damage in December

Your input and professionalism was also appreciated with arranging quotes and dealings with the insurance company

All your tradesmen were very professional and carried out work to an excellent standard and we would happily recommend your company to anyone

Thanks again

Robert Ford, Holytown

Emergency Locksmith Advice In Motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/emergency-locksmith-advice-in-motherwell.aspxWed, 09 Feb 2011 20:38:25 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/emergency-locksmith-advice-in-motherwell.aspxA Motherwell locksmith is sometimes difficult to find. More than that, getting to hire a locksmith in Motherwell who is reliable and good at his or her job is something that requires even more effort. Fortunately for you, Lanarkshire Tradesmen also offers locksmith services in Motherwell. Our team of dedicated tradesmen can help you out with a variety of tasks.

For one, our Motherwell locksmiths are able to expertly pick locks. This is a common service that we provide for people who forget or lose their keys. If you have us do it, you can be sure that our people will not damage your property in any way, shape or form.

We also offer lock repair services in the event that your locks have been damaged due to other reasons. Since we keep our Motherwell locksmiths up to date with the latest tools and equipment, we are able to repair any type of locks even the latest ones. We have the ability, the skills and the tools to get the job done efficiently.

Emergency locksmiths in Motherwell are even tougher to find. But, here at Lanarkshire Tradesmen we also offer this service to you. Call at any time, at any day, you know someone will pick up the phone and send help. If you find yourself without a key outside your home, call us. If you accidently break your key in your lock's keyhole, call us. Rain or shine, day or night, we will be able to send a Motherwell locksmith to help you with your troubles.

By acquiring our services, you are guaranteed top quality work. Each and every one of our Motherwell locksmiths has been trained properly at their craft. We have years of experience under our belt and we have serviced thousands of customers. You can never go wrong by dialling our number

Locksmith Advice In Hamiltonhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/locksmith-advice-in-hamilton.aspxWed, 09 Feb 2011 20:26:11 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/locksmith-advice-in-hamilton.aspxLocksmith's has been around for centuries. It is a very important profession since it involves protecting one's home, property and even life. Basically, a locksmith installs and creates locks on doors, gates, chests and any other portal. This keeps unwanted people away from your home and property. The idea is simple, it allows a select few access to the area. However, if you lose that access, such as the key or forget the lock combination, then you're in trouble. There is one company that can provide you with highly skilled locksmiths in Hamilton; Lanarkshire Tradesmen.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen offers a variety of services for home and office. From plumbing to lighting, we have the right people to get the job done. And as mentioned, we also have Hamilton locksmiths who can help you with everything about your locks.

Installing your locks should be perfect to prevent weaknesses that thieves could take advantage of. By hiring a Hamilton locksmith from us, you can be sure that everything is installed properly. At the same time, we could help you when you lose your key. Our locksmiths are expertly trained in the art of picking locks. We offer this service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So the next time you leave your key at home after a night's drinking at the pub, just give us a call and we'll be there. Our emergency locksmiths in Hamilton will always be ready to extend a helping hand.

With proper training and years of experience, our Hamilton locksmiths are at par with the best there is. But when it comes to the price for our services, you need not worry. We offer competitive pricing for our services. They are reasonable. This means that you do not have to spend a penny more than you have to for high quality service

Bathroom Renovationshttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/bathroom-renovations.aspxMon, 07 Feb 2011 21:03:16 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/bathroom-renovations.aspxThe bathroom is often times seen as a sanctuary within the home, with many folks utilising this space in the home as an area to relax and unwind, especially after a tough day. Additionally when looking to purchase a home the bathroom is one of the key focus areas that many a buyer will inspect within their decision making process. To this end when looking at bathroom renovations in Glasgow one has to ensure that all materials, workmanship and design are of the highest quality. This will ensure that the homeowner gets the real benefits of the renovations itself, whilst any potential buyers - when selling, will appreciate the discerning effort that has gone into the project.

What one has to bear in mind is that when conducting any bathroom renovations in Glasgow and within your home, there are a number of options available when it comes to the overall design and installation of a brand new bathroom, and not to mention all the ancillary services and finishing touches that go into projects of this nature. That being said, the sky is the limit when it comes to the various accessories and finishes that you can opt for in terms of bathroom renovations in Glasgow. However a warning that may well be worth heeding is that not all tastes and preferences are the same, and of you intend selling or vacating your home in the near future you may want to opt for a more neutral or toned down approach when it comes this sort of renovation effort.

When it comes to the selection of materials, such as tiles, fittings, tubs and vanities there are a number of possible resources that one can consider, and which range from the department store type environments to that of the boutique home renovation and decor specialists. Irrespective of where you might source these products from, the quality of these as well as the proper installation thereof is essential to achieve a professionally finished and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

One of the most popular developments within modern society is the possibility and range of options that have become available within the eco-friendly or so called green bathroom options. And although some of the materials used within the manufacture of bathroom accessories and furniture have yet to achieve a more environmentally friendly approach, there are a number of products that can aid in the reduction of energy use within the home. These products include the likes of water saving flush systems for the toilet, combined water closet and basin systems, and innovative shower regulating systems that help reduce the consumption of energy with respect to water heating. Of course these options are increasing on a regular basis, and one can always find out what the availability of these are when it comes closer to conducting any bathroom renovations in Glasgow.

Plumbing, tiling and joinery trades are often required throughout bathroom renovations in Glasgow projects, and by securing a reputable provider or providers within this project will ensure that the quality is in place in terms of workmanship and project delivery and the selection of these providers is just as important, if not more so than that of the materials and accessories.

Of course if you can get a company that provides all services under one roof, such as that of Lanarkshire Tradesmen then one alleviates the necessity of having to work with a number of different companies. Lanarkshire Tradesmen furthermore guarantees all workmanship and materials supplied by their team members, within any bathroom renovations in Glasgow and related projects.

Painters Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/painters-glasgow.aspxTue, 01 Feb 2011 17:09:34 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/painters-glasgow.aspxPainters in Glasgow and Painting Tips

When it comes to a painting project, one has the option of selecting suitable painters in Glasgow to come and complete the job or you can in fact do so yourself, with the latter often times forming the basis of a so called DIY project. Although you may well be inclined to complete such a task, there are a few things worth mentioning in terms of painting tips that may help within these sorts of projects.

Whether or not you are intending to utilise the services of a painter or not, there are certain types of paints that are specifically formulated and produced for specific areas in the home. Take for instance the kitchen or bathroom areas, these areas are traditionally high moisture content areas of the home and as a result a moisture and peel resistant paint should be selected for these spaces, additionally with added technology and advancements of production within the painting industry one has the option of securing paints that contain anti mildew properties, which in turn will add great value to the painting project and outcome. Even when using painters in Glasgow to complete this project, ask about these types of paints.

In considering a fresh coat of paint or redoing a ceiling or roof area, there are paints available that have been specifically designed for this too. A number of benefits of ceiling specific paints are to be had here, in that they are often times a lot thicker than other types, to prevent any unnecessary running, and less splashes or splatters when painting the roof. This avoids any unnecessary splatters on the floor or supporting walls when looking to paint a ceiling or roof. However when using professional painters in Glasgow they will most likely be aware of these factors, when it comes to this specific topic.

High traffic areas, where people tend to touch the wall either for support, or due to the layout of the given living, passage or room area, require a more durable paint, and perhaps more importantly one that is easily cleaned. The choice of colour here can also play a role in not letting too many finger or hand marks appear on these walls. The use of an acrylic latex paint will make things a lot easier within not only concealing such wall markings, but also in enabling a much easier surface for cleaning purposes. Again if you are using outside painters in Glasgow and related service providers, enquire as to the options of using these types of paints, as well as the resultant pros and cons thereto associated.

In conducting this decorative or functional task of painting yourself, the right tools for the job will ensure your chances of success, whilst reducing the chances of a poor quality or inadequate finish to the painting project. Rollers, brushes, drop cloths, sandpaper, spill trays, primers and related tools will all be required for a painting project, and securing the right tools is essential for this process.

Quality Tilers Motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/quality-tilers-motherwell.aspxThu, 27 Jan 2011 17:11:07 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/quality-tilers-motherwell.aspxGuaranteed tile work with our professional tilers in Motherwell,

Tiling can be considered as an age-old trade although the popularity of the application of tiling within the home and office environment has never been more popular. Our tilers in Motherwell are all hand selected based upon their proven industry experience and capabilities when it comes to the various, and specialist skills required in terms of tiles selection, tiling materials and installation thereof within the various settings that one may wish to tile over.

From a functional perspective the application of tiling provides an easier to clean surface area, whether it be based upon wall or floor tiling. However within the instance specific tiles been utilised for this function one needs to bear in mind that not all tiles are created equally, and hence the selection of the right tiles requires specific advice as well as skill within the implementation process. Our tilers in Motherwell have years of experience within the selection phase, as well as the laying of the tiles themselves, and the respective treatment thereof which can add to the longevity of the specific tiled area. Our tilers in Motherwell, who serve the greater Lanarkshire region provide much needed and value-added advice and guidance within the selection of such tiling and related materials, and are in a position to partner with you within an ultimately successful tiling project.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen provide full guarantees on all workmanship and materials provided by our tilers in Motherwell, and ensure you of the best service and customer satisfaction within any tiling project you may have.

The Right Joiners In Motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/the-right-joiners-in-motherwell.aspxWed, 26 Jan 2011 23:03:28 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/the-right-joiners-in-motherwell.aspxLet our joiners in Motherwell attend to all your wood related projects, with guaranteed results,

Lanarkshire Tradesmen are proud to present their joiners in Motherwell, who served the greater Lanarkshire region and have come to establish themselves as market leaders when it comes to joinery, cabinetry and carpentry related projects and services. All workmanship provided by our joiners in Motherwell, as well as the materials supplied is guaranteed in accordance with any project agreement that is undertaken.

The art of joinery is not only intricate and other specialist nature, but serves to bring out the true beauty of the utilised wood itself. Our joiners in Motherwell have many years of experience, and this coupled with their ongoing training puts them in the perfect position to attend to any joinery needs that you may have, the likes of which include customised and fitted furniture, staircases within the home or office, wall panelling, doors and so forth.

Our Motherwell joiners furthermore engage themselves within advising in guiding our customers within the selection of the right wood and materials for any project at hand. This very selection process may well be the make or break of any carpentry, cabinetry or carpentry project that one wishes to implement. The advancement of technology within this fine art is furthermore one of the most crucial elements in ensuring that our customers receive the best advice, workmanship and materials as provided by our joiners in Motherwell. In order to appreciate the beauty of wood allow our team members to help you.

Choosing the Correct tiler in motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/choosing-the-correct-tiler-in-motherwell.aspxWed, 26 Jan 2011 22:54:08 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/choosing-the-correct-tiler-in-motherwell.aspxTiling can be considered as an age-old trade although the popularity of the application of tiling within the home and office environment has never been more popular. Our tilers in Motherwell are all hand selected based upon their proven industry experience and capabilities when it comes to the various, and specialist skills required in terms of tiles selection, tiling materials and installation thereof within the various settings that one may wish to tile over.

From a functional perspective the application of tiling provides an easier to clean surface area, whether it be based upon wall or floor tiling. However within the instance specific tiles been utilised for this function one needs to bear in mind that not all tiles are created equally, and hence the selection of the right tiles requires specific advice as well as skill within the implementation process.

Our tilers in Motherwell have years of experience within the selection phase, as well as the laying of the tiles themselves, and the respective treatment thereof which can add to the longevity of the specific tiled area. Our tilers in Motherwell, who serve the greater Lanarkshire region provide much needed and value-added advice and guidance within the selection of such tiling and related materials, and are in a position to partner with you within an ultimately successful tiling project.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen provide full guarantees on all workmanship and materials provided by our tilers in Motherwell, and ensure you of the best service and customer satisfaction within any tiling project you may have.

Quality Roofers In Glasgowhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/quality-roofers-in-glasgow.aspxMon, 24 Jan 2011 20:06:04 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/quality-roofers-in-glasgow.aspxQuality Roofers in Glasgow And Roofing Companies

The replacement of a roof, or even the repair of such is not something we may deal with on a daily basis. However when considering the importance of the roof itself, we have to consider the issue of quality and reliability when it comes to Quality Roofers in Glasgow and roofing companies. This becomes extremely apparent in the event of an emergency, and when we need Quality Roofers in Glasgow to repair a roof to prevent any further damage to the home, office or contents of a building.

There are a few options one has when looking for Quality Roofers in Glasgow or roofing companies within your neck of the woods. One has the option of contacting family or friends for some options, or having a look online or in the phone book. Now when you are in no rush in terms of finding Quality Roofers in Glasgow, meaning that you are not a victim of damage and you may be looking to refurbish or replace your roof, the these options are worth considering, and perhaps is one of the best routes to take as you will be able to get some advice, if any of those folks have used Quality Roofers in Glasgow in the area before. This is actually a route recommended when you have the time and resources available in seeking out Quality Roofers in Glasgow for a roof replacement, renovation or refurbishment.

When it comes to emergency roofing, the picture may be somewhat different in that you may not have the time to sift between the various options available when looking for the right, or perhaps more importantly Quality Roofers in Glasgow that will provide the best in materials and service in your time of need. And then of course the type of your specific roof structure may further impede your efforts in getting the right company for your needs, as some may specialize in flat roofing structures whilst others may focus on pitched roofs. Not only does the structure itself come into play here, but the very materials utilised within the structure will also have a large role to play.

In order to establish whether your selected company are Quality Roofers in Glasgow or not you have to consider the company standing, in terms of their reputation within the area that they service, as well as whether or not they have been established for a while. This will enable you to ascertain the level of commitment that they have within the region, or if they may well be one of the so called fly by night operations. The turnaround time as well as whether or not they are available for emergency roof repairs is another factor that can indicate this level of commitment to their industry, and ultimately their clients requiring emergency roofing repairs. Additionally whether or not these companies will be able to match the repair materials with the existing materials to ensure a uniform finish in the event of a repair is another indication of whether a company has Quality Roofers in Glasgow or not.

Although we may not be able to predict emergencies, these are some of the factors that require consideration within the selection of any roofers or roofing companies, and which can be ascertained relatively quickly too - as in the emergency scenario.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen provides only high quality roofers in glasgow  to the Lanarkshire region, with proven industry experience, quality workmanship and guaranteed results in service and materials supplied. Visit lanarkshire tradesmen for any roofing requirements you may have in Glasgow, Motherwell, Hamilton or the greater Lanarkshire region.

Plasterers Motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/plasterers-motherwell.aspxSun, 23 Jan 2011 20:42:45 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/plasterers-motherwell.aspxPlastering, coving and related decorative work is part of a day's work for our plasterers in Motherwell,

The process of plastering is often overlooked or perhaps underestimated when it comes to ensuring that the top quality materials, advice and workmanship are implemented within your plastering project. Our plasterers in Motherwell work hand in hand with all our customers in ensuring that the right decisions are made within the interior or exterior plastering application, and ensuring the ultimate in customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

The trade, and art of plastering has been used for thousands of years, although technology and plastering materials have certainly advanced over the years. Our plasterers in Motherwell take pride in remaining abreast with the latest developments in techniques and materials and are in a great position to be able assist and guide you with respect to any internal or external plastering project you may have.

From an interior plastering perspective, our plasterers in Motherwell are in a position to assist with decorative plastering, as well as repairs and refurbishments to any walls in the home. This includes the evening out of an existing wall surface or even plastering on any partitioning or home renovations that you may have planned.

Externally our plasterers in Motherwell can provide great advice on the required coats, when it comes to ensuring adequate protection for your outer wall surfaces. These aspects require specific and necessary attention that our plasterers in Motherwell will be able to assist with, and of course all work and materials are guaranteed by Lanarkshire Tradesmen.

Roofers Motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/roofers-motherwell.aspxSun, 23 Jan 2011 20:39:20 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/roofers-motherwell.aspxRoofing projects, repairs and more with quality roofers in Motherwell,

Lanarkshire Tradesmen takes pride in presenting the best roofers in Motherwell, ensuring quality materials, workmanship and superior service across the entire Lanarkshire region.

When it comes to any roofing project, whether it be a flat roof installation or repair or a pitched roofing project, our roofers in Motherwell have all been selected based upon proven industry experience, knowledge and expertise. Within having many years of experience our roofers in Motherwell are in a great position to provide value added advice and guidance within any roofing project you may have, which enables one to make the right decision in terms of roofing materials, regardless of whether this is a new installation or a repair to a damaged roof.

Our roofers in Motherwell have the necessary skills and expertise in dealing with natural slate, shingle, manufactured roof tiles, fascia boards, specialised metal work and related specialist roofing work.    

There are a variety of instances within which our roofers in Motherwell will be able to assist you, these range from the installation of new roofs, to the repair or refurbishment of existing roofing structures. Our roofers in Motherwell have extensive experience in various roofing structures, and with various roofing materials. Not to mention the ancillary roofing projects and repairs that you may have, such as gutters, gutter repair, flashings, weathering and so forth, our roofers in Motherwell provide a one stop resource for any and all your roofing requirements, guaranteed by Lanarkshire Tradesmen.

Insurance Repair Lanarkshirehttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/insurance-repair-lanarkshire.aspxFri, 14 Jan 2011 12:51:19 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/insurance-repair-lanarkshire.aspxInsured Repairs - Dealing with the Right Company

There is certainly no way to predict some of the unfortunate events that may well affect the office we work in or within our home, in terms of accidental damage. Naturally there are various issues that may occur when it comes to this topic, of which include the likes of water damage, fire damage, storm damage, roof damage and so forth. The fact remains that whether or not we have direct control over such damage a suitable repair company is required to attend to any of these possible scenarios. This is crucial to prevent any further degradation, damage or financial loss which could be brought about it to the internal contents of the building in question being damaged.

A suitable home owners policy or insurance policy will ensure that this damage is in fact covered, however we have to ascertain the level of coverage that is in place within the policy in question. If one is certain that such coverage is in place then a suitably qualified, and more importantly recognised loss assessor or assessment company is required to determine the true nature of the damage, and which is then referred to the insurance company for claims processing. And this is where it may become somewhat challenging to say the least, when dealing with the insurance company. However when dealing with an appointed company that has significant experience in dealing with both the damage assessment, claims processing and resultant repair the entire process is taken care of in a prompt and professional manner eliminating any of the unnecessary stress and inconveniences one may incur as a result of this process. Securing the services of an insurance repair company, within the greater Lanarkshire region and one that can provide such assessment and claims processing services is arguably the only route to go as they know the exact requirements as stipulated by the insurance companies, which in turn speeds up the entire claims process.

Once the insurance claim has been processed one will then require that the insurance repair company will attend to the relevant damage that has occurred. In order to avoid any delays within this entire process, and insurance repair company that has proven experience should be selected to assist in this process. After all you will want all damages attended to as quickly as possible in order to avoid any further damage occurring, as well as minimising any potential damage to the interior of the home or office and the contents therein contained. And once again choosing the right insurance repair company that can cater for all your needs when it comes to such damage is essential in having all issues attended to and sorted out as quickly as possible.

Lastly we have to consider specific factors that will help us select the right insurance repair company that will be able to handle everything from start to finish who are available within Lanarkshire, and perhaps more importantly that are available for emergencies when it comes to dealing with such damages and repairs. Issues that are well worth considering include the likes of a company having a 24 hour emergency contact line, are approved by the various insurance companies, have a proven track record in dealing with and attending to such damages or repairs, and perhaps more importantly put you the customer first within their respective guarantees and customer service credos.

Lanarkshire Tradesmen is an insurance repair company that services the entire Lanarkshire and central Scotland region, including the likes of Glasgow, Motherwell and Coatbridge. All our team members are highly qualified and vetted in dealing with damage assessment for insurance companies and the required repair and maintenance work. Visit our homepage for further details.

Boiler Repair Motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/boiler-repair-motherwell.aspxFri, 26 Nov 2010 17:11:27 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/boiler-repair-motherwell.aspxOur team of boiler engineers have just repaired a local beauty salons boiler just in time for her busy time of the year.

Dawn any problems give us a ring



"Commercial or Domestic we have it covered"

Insurance Repair Claim Motherwellhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/insurance-repair-claim-motherwell.aspxWed, 17 Nov 2010 14:29:11 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/insurance-repair-claim-motherwell.aspxLanarkshire Tradesmen in august for insurance repair in motherwell, we were given a kind letter from dawn.

"I would highly recommend Lanarkshire tradesmen, they were very professional and especially for their speedy response after my emergency call out to them about investiging my roof. Not only did they deal with this problem swiftly but also took over all dealings with my insurance company which left my blood pressure back to normal. Highly recommended to get the job done"

Dawn Anderson, Motherwell

Work Done Aug 2010 - Insurance Claim to Repair Bedroom Ceiling

Garage Conversion Hamiltonhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/garage-conversion-hamilton.aspxWed, 17 Nov 2010 13:55:37 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/garage-conversion-hamilton.aspxGarage conversion to a property in hamilton

"I would like to advise anyone thinking of using Lanarkshire tradesmen for building work that they are very professional in their approach. From the initial surveying of the garage conversion we had carried out to which is now our kitchen, Stuart also helped us with the application for the plans.

Even though they weren't the cheapest quote or the highest we had, their professional & down to earth style from the minute when they came to price the job was why they got me and my wife's business, they carried out the work with minimum inconvenience to ourselves.

Myself & husband have had certain tradesmen do work to our property before & we think small things like cleaning up after themselves is important "with a 1 year old walking about" Lanarkshire tradesmen done all we would expect.

Finding quality tradesmen can often be difficult to find, however not any longer.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use Lanarkshire Tradesmen Limited in the future".

Mrs & Mr Ramsay:

Torhead Farm


Work Done June 2010 - Garage Conversion to Kitchen

Kitchen Installation Coatbridgehttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/kitchen-installation-coatbridge.aspxMon, 15 Nov 2010 21:24:32 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/kitchen-installation-coatbridge.aspxJob Done - We have just completed another kitchen installation in coatbridge for mrs & mr devon think they were happy as have just been given a testimonials. 4/11/2010

New Websitehttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/new-website.aspxTue, 09 Nov 2010 21:18:29 GMTAdministratorhttp://www.lanarkshiretradesmen.co.uk/news/new-website.aspxLanarkshire Tradesmen have just published their new website with help from Online Marketing Scotland.